Workshop: Creating A Civil And Respectful Workplace

What happened to civility in the workplace? Over the past 20 years, both managers and workers have reported a decline in polite and respectful behavior and an increase in rude, threatening, and bullying behavior. Uncivil behavior can be dangerous, unproductive, and demoralizing. In medical institutions, incivility has been linked to medical errors and patient deaths. Uncivil behavior also creates lower job satisfaction, turnover, and conflict. Athanor offers workshops in 2 to 4 hour formats on creating a workplace that promotes the values of trust and respect. Our Workplace Civility workshop covers:
  • • the dangers of uncivil behavior
  • • assessing the civility climate in your workplace
  • • managing uncivil employees
  • • creating a civility policy
  • • changing attitudes and rebuilding commitment
  • • creating a culture of trust and respect

Leadership Development And Coaching: What Creates Leadership?

Athanor consultants help employers identify the personal qualities, competencies, and values necessary for leadership success. Working with information such as how potential leaders approach their job duties, their relationships with subordinates, peers, and managers, and their commitment to the mission of the organization, our Leadership Development and Coaching program can help promising employees in:
  • • increasing self-awareness
  • • developing a strategy for achieving personal and organizational goals
  • • building a strong cohesive team
  • • communicating effectively
  • • developing a vision
  • • increasing personal effectiveness

Selecting The Best Employees

All employers want to hire the good employees and avoid the bad. Productive workers who like their jobs and are motivated toward success create success for their employer. Unmotivated employees, on the other hand, make everyone else’s work more difficult. Athanor consultants use state-of-the-art assessment tools to identify the qualities that create success, potential “derailers” that limit effectiveness, and the values that determine an employee’s fit with the goals of the company. Athanor screening reports help employers answer questions such as:
  • • Does the applicant have sufficient levels of ambition to succeed?
  • • Does the person have the interpersonal skills to build a team?
  • • How open is the applicant to learning new skills?
  • • Does the applicant have any qualities—such as procrastination, taking unnecessary risks, or not being a team player—that can get in the way of success?
  • • How do an applicant’s values—such as needs for recognition, money, or security—fit with the demands of the position?

Organization Development

Athanor provides consulting services in all aspects of organization development and change management, including:
  • • Employee surveys
  • • Teambuilding
  • • Communication workshops
  • • 360 degree feedback
  • • Stress management
  • • Career and life planning
  • • Diversity management

In alchemy, an athanor is a furnace used to create physical, mystical, and moral transformations.